Your partner for contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical products

About us

Our Mission

Being a partner for contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical products (Contract Manufacturing Organization) in the field of:
Production of injectables in ampoules
Production of bulk tablets
Packaging of tablets
Quality control incl. batch release

Basic Figures

• more than 30m EUR p.a.
• more than 370 people
Manufacturing capacity:
• 120m ampoules
• 400m tablets
Warehousing capacity:
• 2 500 pallet places


Mar 1992 Establishing of joint-venture Hoechst-Biotika, spol. s r. o.
Mar 1994 Start of tablets production (GMP certificated)
Sep 1996 Start of ampoules production (isolator filling line)
July 2005 Acquisition by Sanitas, LT
Feb 2010 New name HBM Pharma s.r.o.
July 2010 Partnership with Grindeks, LV


  • A.E.T.
  • BB Pharma
  • Egis
  • Grindeks
  • Hameln
  • PannonPharma
  • TEVA/Ratiopharm
  • Siegfried
  • Stada
  • Wörwag Pharma

We perform the operations, which are right, complete and which make solutions easier.

• Full-service provider for the pharmaceutical business
• Lean and flexible solutions
• Open and fair approach
• Long-term relationship


Manufacturing, packaging, analytical services, dossiers, validation, storage, distribution.

• Contract manufacturing
• Contract packaging
• EU serialized packaging
• Applied analytical services
• Co-development of registration dossiers
• Qualification and validation
• Storage
• Wholesale distribution

Production facilites

Sterile Liquids

Injectables in ampoules 1 – 10 ml
(terminal sterilization and aseptic filling)
• Fentanyl sol inj
• Furosemid sol inj
• Magnesium sulphate sol inj
• Metamizol sol inj
• Mildronat® sol inj
• Morphin sol inj
• Oxytocin sol inf
• Piracetam sol inj


Film and sugar coated tablets
• Amisulprid fc tbl
• Escitalopram fc tbl
• Itoprid fc tbl
• Pentoxifyllin SR fc tbl
• Perindopril tbl
• Propafenon fc tbl
• Quetiapin fc tbl
• Sildenafil fc tbl


Ampoules and Tablets
• Alu – Alu
• PVC – Alu
• EU serialized packaging